Network and IP Address Calculator

Show network, broadcast, first and last given network address

The "bit format" in the netmask is also called the CIDR format (CIDR = Classless Inter-Domain Routing).

Subnet mask converter (bit divided decimal format)

Network/Node Calculator

Decimal subnet mask inverse calculator

Decimal subnet mask converter

Calculate bit-filling an IP address (inverse)

Network and IP Address Calculator

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network Host broadcast address
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Calculate mask address translator by number of hosts

TCP/IP hexadecimal converter

Mask translation to the number of available addresses on the network

IP multicast address range

All multicast addresses can be easily recognized because the parity pattern starts with "1110". - Well-known multicast addresses, control channels - Global (Internet wide) multicast addresses - local multicast address

Introduction to Subnet Mask Calculator

LAN planning tool, subnet calculation and division, conversion of subnet masks in various bases, and conversion of IP addresses in bases. .

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