Gregorian calendar festivals
January 1 New Year's Day
Last Sunday in January international leprosy day
February 2 World Wetlands Day
February 14 Valentine's Day
March 3rd National Hearing Day
March 5th Youth Volunteer Service Day
March 8th International Women's Day
March 9 Protect Mother River Day
March 12th China Arbor Day
March 14th White Day
March 14th International Policemen's Day
March 15th World Consumer Rights Day
March 21st World Forest Day
March 21st World Sleep Day
March 22 World Water Day
March 23rd World Meteorological Day
March 24th World Tuberculosis Day
Last Monday in March Safety Education Day for Primary and Secondary School Students
The first Sunday after the full moon of the vernal equinox Easter Monday (may be any day between March 22nd and April 25th)
April 1st April Fools' Day
April 5th Tomb Sweeping Day (Tomb-sweeping Day)
April 7th World Health Day
April 22nd World Earth Day
April 26th World Intellectual Property Day
May 1st International Labor Day
May 3rd World Asthma Day
May 4th Chinese Youth Day
May 8th World Red-Cross Day
May 12 International Nurse Day
May 15th International Family Day
May 17th World Telecommunications Day
May 20th National Student Nutrition Day
May 23rd International Milk Day
May 31st World No-Smoking Day
Second Sunday in May Mother's Day
Third Sunday in May National Disability Day
June 1 International Children's Day
June 5th International Environment Day
June 6th national eye care day
June 17th World Day to combat desertification and drought (World Day to combat desertification)
June 23rd International Olympic Day
June 25th national land day
June 26th International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
The third Sunday in June Father's Day
July 1 Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese Communist Party
July 1 International Architecture Day
July 7 Memorial Day of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression
July 11th World Population Day
Aug. 1 Chinese People's Liberation Army Army Day (Army Day)
August 12th International Youth Day
September 8th International Anti-illiteracy Day
September 10th Teacher's Day in China
September 16th Chinese Brain Health Day
September 16th International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
September 20 National Teeth Day
September 21st World Cease-fire Day
September 27th World Tourism Day
The third Tuesday in September International Peace Day
The third Saturday in September National Defense Education Day
Fourth Sunday in September International Day of the Deaf
October 1st National Day of the People's Republic of China (National Day)
October 1st International Music Day
October 1st International Day of Older Persons
October 4 World Animal Day
October 5th World Teachers' Day
October 8th national hypertension day
October 9th World Post Day
October 10th World Mental Health Day
October 14th World Standards Day
October 15th International Day of the Blind
October 15th World Rural Women's Day
October 16th World Food Day
October 17th International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
October 24th United Nations Day
October 24th World Development Information Day
October 28th Chinese Men's Health Day
October 31st Halloween
First Monday in October World Habitat Day
Second Wednesday in October International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction
Second Thursday in October World Sight Day
November 8th China Journalists' Day
November 9th Fire Awareness Day
November 14th World Diabetes Day
November 17th international university student day
November 25 International Day For the elimination of Violence against Women
December 1st World AIDS Day
December 3rd World Disabled Day
December 4th National Legal Awareness Day
December 9th World Football Day
December 25th Christmas Day
December 29th International Biological Diversity Day
lunar festival
The first day of the first lunar month the Spring Festival
New Year 15 Lantern Festival
fifth day of may the Dragon-Boat Festival
July 7th Double-Seventh Day
August fifteen the Mid-Autumn Festival
September 9th the Double Ninth Festival (the Double Ninth Festival)
The eighth day of the twelfth lunar month the laba Rice Porridge Festival
The twenty-fourth day of the twelfth lunar month Traditional house cleaning day

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