navigator.platformclient system
navigator.appNameReturn browser name
navigator.appVersionReturn browser version information
window.screen.heightMonitor heightpx
window.screen.widthmonitor widthpx
window.screen.colorDepthScreen setting color bits
navigator.appCodeNameReturn browser code name
navigator.vendorReturn to browser manufacturer information
navigator.userAgentReturns browser and version information, including navigator.appVersion information
navigator.onLineReturns whether the browser is connected to the network
navigator.languageReturn to browser default language
navigator.productReturn browser product name
navigator.productSubReturn to browser product other information
navigator.cookieEnabledWhether cookies are enabled in the browser
navigator.mimeTypes.lengthNumber of MIME types in the browser
navigator.mimeTypesBrowser MIME support type list
navigator.plugins.lengthNumber of browser plug-ins installed
navigator.pluginsBrowser installation plug-in information list

View browser information online and obtain client operating system information

Online viewing to obtain the client system, the browser information tool provides you with viewing client information, viewing browser information, viewing browsing type, viewing operating system, viewing browser name, viewing browser version information, display height and width pixels, browser Network link status, number of browser plug-ins installed, etc.

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